Monday, March 5, 2012


It has been reported today that the list that contains the names of Selangor’s new municipal councilors were distributed amongst the few who walks in the Selangor’s corridors of power earlier this week. Unlike previous years where this list emanated from the Selangor MB’s office, this year the list was specially prepared by the new Selangor PKR Chief and his faithful sidekick, the PKR Wanita Chief.
Informers from deep within the Selangor PKR Chief’s office have indicated that unlike the preceding four years where the originally selected councilors’ tenure were routinely extended, this year witnesses a change in regime where a phalanx of new faces were hastily selected to replace the majority of the previous PKR-selected municipal councilors.
No reasons were given as to why the PKR State Exco has chosen to do so in an election year but whispers were heard stating that the outgoing councilors’ tenure were not extended because they refused to play ball and that the minority that remained were those who remained silent and ignorant when certain questions were asked of the Selangor PKR Chief and his faithful sidekick’s involvement in a few corruption cases.
When questioned further, a few of these informers indicated that one of the main reasons why there is a change now is due to the fact that Azmin and Zuraida needs the time between now and the next state elections to do a bit of housekeeping in the event that Pakatan loses Selangor to BN.
Others point out that a few so-called troublemakers were summarily dismissed as these councilors were suspected of questioning several accounting practices too extensively. Cases in hand include the illegal sand mining debacle, the missing funds from the Pasar Larut Malam @Jelatek, the illegal construction of Ampang Walk without council approval, preferences given to certain contractors and the alteration of certain council meeting minutes.
In other unrelated news, both Azmin and Zuraida were seen together purchasing over a dozen large A3-sized high power paper shredders at Low Yat Plaza. RR was also seen booking slots at the Kuala Lumpur Crematorium near Cheras.
When confronted with these accusations in an interview at her posh office in Ampang, the PKR Wanita Chief denied everything stating that the councilors’ tenure was not extended because these people were just “not right” and not because these people were suspected of leaking incidents of corrupt practices to MT contributors. When further questioned as to why Khalid never felt so, Zuraida said that it is one of the reasons why the Selangor MB was replaced as the Selangor PKR Chief himself.
The PKR Wanita Chief a few days later denied saying anything, stating that she could not had possibly be in the interview as she was actually in Paris purchasing a Berkin bag after being told by the vendor that someone from Malaysia already had the same color and therefore canceling the order. The Selangor PKR Chief later confirmed it as he stated that he was also in Paris at the same time and had met the PKR Wanita Chief for halal drinks during the exact time when the interview in Malaysia was alleged to had happened.
The editor of this news agency then decided to imitate the Selangor PKR by deciding not to extend the tenure of the interviewer stating that the latter was dismissed not because he was not in Paris to do the interview but owing to the fact that he was “not right”.

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  1. How can anyone take this bloke's views seriously when at the end of it, come up with a fairytale of buying a Birkin bag in Paris. He should go and kiss Rosmah's hand for being the only one qualified to use Birkin's brand in Malaysia. Afterall, she is his PM.