Wednesday, March 20, 2013


PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has made an impassioned call on the rakyat to choose a government that is transformative and one that has proven to be trustworthy, reliable and can carry their aspirations for a prosperous and progressive Malaysia.

The Prime Minister said the time had almost come for the people to choose the way forward for the country for the next five years.

Their choice, he said, was between the government of today, which had proven its worth and was working hard to create a better future for them, and an Opposition which took the people's trust lightly and made new promises without delivering on those made earlier.

“On behalf of the Government, I have presented a report on what has been done over the past three years. I am confident the people can see, listen, evaluate and even feel the effects of our work.

“The time for the rakyat to make a choice is almost here. The choice (they have to make) is about trustworthiness, about hope, the future, the continuity of Malaysia's success story and about promises fulfilled,” he said when launching the Pemandu annual report last night.

Najib said the people should not elect a government which could destroy their future and that of their children, adding that this was unlike the present government which placed great importance on the people's well-being.

“Can you trust them (Opposition) and hold them to their promises when even the old ones were not fulfilled? Are you willing to gamble the future of your generation? They (Opposition parties) already have a bad record, so how can we be confident they can give us a better future?” he asked.

The Prime Minister said Malaysia was a success story but it could not have happened without the sense of peace and stability created by our security forces, adding that the incursions in Lahad Datu which claimed the lives of 10 security personnel were a reminder that the issue of security should not be taken lightly.

“We are humbled by the sacrifices made by the nation's heroes. Their contributions were not small and should not in any way be ridiculed,” he said.

“We should be thankful to our heroes. Think of parents who will grow old without their sons by their side.

“Spare a thought for the wives who are now widows and children who have been robbed of their fathers' love and affection. To these people, we pledge that the country always honour their dedication and sacrifices,” he added.

The Prime Minister reiterated that Sabah was and would always be a part of Malaysia and reaffirmed the Government's commitment to defend the state.

“Sabah will forever remain part of Malaysia. The people of Sabah are Malaysians.

“We will therefore defend the independence and sovereignty of our territory from any intruders. We will not allow even an inch of Malaysian soil to be seized by anyone,” he said.

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